photographic artist, curator & educator Victoria Mara Heilweil
public art
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Victoria Mara Heilweil seeks the tension between the alluring and the abject by making seductive images from surprising and visceral sources. She is a feminist artist who uses photography to transform the mundane into the sublime. When Victoria was 18 years old she came across a series of Guerilla Girl posters plastered on the streets of New York City. The posters revealed a hidden truth that she had never considered, and the encounter changed the way she viewed the world. With her artwork, Victoria strives to make visible that which we take for granted. Victoria’s photographs are a fleeting moment, a spontaneous formation, a surprising gesture of beauty. In direct opposition to our disposable culture’s obsession with unattainable perfection, her imagery engages with the anti-spectacle, the quiet and the ordinary. The art celebrates this humble state of being, one that is very human. Drawing from the history of feminist art, Victoria’s practice engages with the everyday as the subject matter for her images. The marks and routines of daily life, that were inspiration for feminist artists, are blended with abstract language and formal compositions to create a poetic experience that recontextualizes two seemingly oppositional styles into one.
Drop Hidden de Young 47 Years
In Plain Sight Sisyphus Remnant
Rauschenberg Foundation No Child Left Behind Traces

all images © Victoria Mara Heilweil