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Victoria Mara Heilweil

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I see something that speaks to me and asks to be photographed. Slowing down, I take the time to notice and give my full attention. Revealing what is right in front of me, I transform ubiquitous subjects that are often overlooked. A detective seeking out marks, stains and traces of time within human presence, I strive to make visible that which we take for granted. My photographs are a a record of a fleeting moment, a spontaneous formation, a surprising gesture of beauty. Inspired by Wabi-Sabi, my art engages with the anti-spectacle, the quiet and the ordinary to celebrate a humble state of being, one that is very human. In a society obsessed with wealth and fame, embracing the ordinary is a political act. The lineage for my work begins with Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, where any found object can become art. Later, Mierle Laderman Ukeles expanded on this to include found actions, habits and everyday activities. As a contemporary feminist artist, I blend together the marks and routines of daily life with the abstract language and formal compositions of modernism, recontextualizing two seemingly oppositional styles into one.
So Much Was Lost In Plain Sight No Child Left Behind
Ari #dailybeauty
Infinite Sisyphus
Remnant Traces

all images © Victoria Mara Heilweil